Functional Synthesis

These are individualized personal sessions that help you feel and sense at a deep level your own particular habits and automatic ways of doing things. Moshe Feldenkrais felt that anything that is done out of compulsion is not done well. It is only when we have trained ourselves to act with awareness and non-compulsion that we can start to transform our vitality and our outcomes. Once your brain realizes that movement can be done in many different ways, not just the way you are habituated to move, the magic starts to happen. Unlike any other healing modality the changes experienced during these sessions bring about permanent and lasting differences to the way you feel, think, act and move. There are three distinct stages to improving movement through changing your brain. The first step is be able to recognize differences. The second is to be able to start to differentiate different parts of your body. The third stage is to be able to integrate these differentiations into function. During the one-on-one Functional synthesis sessions the practitioner moves your body in small movements that connect different parts of your brain to movement in your body. These small movements are done gently and without forcing; merely suggesting to the brain different ways of possibly moving. This gradual process calms the central nervous system and helps the person to feel as if they are coming home to themselves. Often when the student stands up from lying on the table they feel more grounded, flatter, taller, wider and more “inside” their body. These FS sessions are excellent for people just starting off with movement lessons as having the practitioner guide your body helps your brain to step out of doing things in an automatic and habitual manner. Becoming more intentional, deliberate and aware of movement rather than compulsive helps students to function better overall. They are also a great way to improve your performance in a sport or musical endeavour and take you to the next level. The ideal situation for many people is to have several Functional Synthesis lessons and then combine group transformational movement lessons with an occasional Functional synthesis.

Functional Syn


Individual FS with no package – $75.00
FS when purchased with a package – $65. 

Thanks to Madeleine Flahr photography for the photo.