High Performance Team Workshops

For example: Horse back riding, Soccer teams, hockey teams, Football teams, Extreme Frisbee, Skiing, Swimming, Playing music, dancing, acting.

One of the ways of experiencing this work is to have a “intensive” sessions which includes group transformational movement lessons (TML’s) with functional synthesis(FS) and then use the movements learned to experience your particular performance sport or endeavour. These are called intensives because they are done over a short period of time. These intensives have been shown to be the best way to bring about rapid change to performance.

These lessons have been done very successfully with musicians, horse back riders, skiers, swimmers, golfers, sports teams etc. Currently, the Canadian Alpine ski team uses Feldenkrais movement lessons to give them an edge in competition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmLO8GOJrMc.  There are very successful practitioners working with Football, soccer, swim, and tennis teams as many teams are now starting to realize that this work can provide a competitive advantage. Other practitioners have worked successfully with musicians including conductors and horse `back riders. To arrange a group High Performance team workshop please contact us. We have a facility at Brain Body Talk to accommodate small groups however we can also come to your facility or a public facility to teach high performer intensive sessions.


Generally speaking the cost per participant for a two day plus one evening workshop costs $250.00 per person based on 8 participants. This will vary according to travel required, number of total participants, number of lessons required.