The FS session was great yesterday and I tested my body on a evening trailride sitting the trot and boy was I ever able to sit nice and loose with my hips! it was great. I had to trim a couple of horses too and I dont even feel stiff this morning its great thank you I really do appreciate your work, it took a little while to get to know it and feel the results and I absolutely love it.
On my way to putting my horse in his pen, I was luxuriating in how soft and fluid I was feeling and then wondered if Bongo would recognize the change. When I put his halter on he softly brushed the side of my face
When my husband came home from work on Tuesday my grandson told him he had been on your tractor and said  “Grandpa you should get a tractor and a big machine”.    It is just hilarious the things he comes up with but it shows he is thinking and his brain is working….. thanks again for all you do 🙂
I thought I would send you an update on a few more changes that I noticed in my son. After the session, we went out for supper. Usually conversation is tough; he talks but you have to ask him questions, and it doesn’t flow like normal conversation. And he usually doesn’t look you in the eye very much, he often closes his eyes when he talks. I asked him about that before and he said he did it so he wasn’t distracted by everything around him. He only did that once last night. We had a great conversation, and he looked me right in the eye for most of it. When I was driving home, I thought I couldn’t remember a time when he just looked at me and talked like that. And usually he cleans up everything on his plate and will finish any left over on my plate. He stopped before he finished and said he was full. He did take home the leftovers tho!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you working with him. Thank you!!
Just wanted to let you know that I noticed my back feels much better! There was always a tightness there since I fractured it but I was just out weeding my garden and noticed it was’t tight or sore at all. thanks !!!! 🙂
Thank you for the great session yesterday. I am feeling more centered and balanced and was able to stretch and relax better this morning. Looking forward to showing R & B (Horses) my new pelvis/hips!
It really does feel magical.
I have to share this with you!!! I slept through the entire night last night and could still be asleep if my alarm had not gone off. My hips and shoulders feel surprisingly happier than they have for years. One of the very odd things I noticed when we finished the lesson last night was that my feet felt very grounded and extremely comfortable. None of the usual pulling that I have grown to accept as normal.